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Boiler Repair Service, New Installation & Maintenance In Kelowna

Best Electric, Solar, Oil, Gas Combi Boiler Services At The Best Prices In Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, Peachland & Lake Country Okanagan BC Canada

Water Boiler Kelowna

Boiler Repair Service, New Installation & Maintenance In Kelowna

  • Up To 10 Years Warranty on new Installation
  • Financing available on New Installations (o.a.c.)
    • Payments as low as $50 per Month!
    • And up to 12 mos no payments!

Best Electric, Solar, Oil, Gas Combi Boiler Services At The Best Prices In Kelowna, West Kelowna, Vernon, Peachland & Lake Country Okanagan BC Canada

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All the work done by Us is backed by a 100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Up to 10 Yrs Warranty

Many of our newly installed products carry up to 10-year warranty

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Save Thousands On High-Efficiency Upgrades And Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills Limited Deals & FortisBC Rebate On Boilers, Water Heaters & Tankless Water Heater

Service Offer

$119 Service Special
Receive a “Multi-Point Inspection” tune-up and cleaning of your existing home or business Boiler System (Reg Price $149)

Boiler Deal

Up to $500 Off !
Receive up to $500 off when installing a new Boiler System 

Boiler Rebate

Up to $1200 off

Up to $1,200 off in Fortis rebates available on high efficiency Boiler System replacement
You have a budget, we have a payment plan to match it

Financing Available

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Boiler Repair Kelowna

Perform A Professional Analysis Of The Home Or Building Layout. Contact Us Today. Solve Problems With Boilers Like Noises, Gurgling Or Rumbling. Contact Us Now!

You go to turn on your heater and discover your most threatening nightmares have come true. It’s cold, and your boiler has decided to take a plunge inefficiency or quit working. You might assume strong words with an inanimate thing on the fritz, you’ll have better outcomes by giving our boiler technicians at Premium Comfort a call instead!

Part of owning a house is maintaining an HVAC system, and boiler maintenance is no exception. These outstanding approaches demand technological watch during regular maintenance to make sure that every element is operating at its best. If your boiler has collapsed in the middle of winter or you are concerned about smells coming from your unit, you need help before a slight issue grows into a primary catastrophe.

Here are some regular problems you might encounter with hot water and steam boilers:

  • The thermostat isn’t accurate.
  • No heat
  • Leaking or dripping.

Boiler heater repair is critical to the convenience of everyone, as well as the longevity of your boiler. Receiving the proper boiler maintenance from a professional company can aid you to:

  • Put a stop to heating crises before they happen
  • Maintain your boiler’s manufactory assurance
  • Increase energy efficiency and decrease operating costs
  • Prolong the lifespan of your boiler system

We’ll provide expert assistance for your boiler heating system and our technicians are certified, meaning they are among the most skilled in the industry. You can trust their proficiency to repair and install boilers.
At Premium Comfort, we believe in supplying quality boiler heater repair in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Lake Country, Vernon and surrounding Okanagan Valley. Choose Our Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded Kelowna Technicians. 


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Boiler Service Kelowna

Is Your Boiler Broken? Your Choice For Boiler Service In Kelowna. Professional Boiler Repair Service, Serving Okanagan Since 1997

Boiler heating systems come in many varieties. Each with differentiating features best fitted for special intentions:

  • Steam Boiler
  • Hot Water Boiler
  • Natural Gas Boiler
  • Electric Boiler
  • Oil Boiler

However, the differences between diverse systems, proper boiler maintenance is needed to keep your system running efficiently. A boiler filter is an instrument that is connected to your boiler and used to remove unwanted elements. Boiler filter replacements are straightforward.

Even though there are many types of gas and oil boilers on the demand, the boiler filter replacement process is standardized. Your boiler company will be able to replace a boiler filter, regardless of what kind you own.

It’s worth mentioning that, cleaning boiler heat exchangers correlate to immense energy savings. Scale deposits from magnesium, calcium, and silica form a layer on heat exchangers. Layers of deposits protect the exchangers and slow down heat transfer, causing the exchangers to overheat and collapse, decreasing energy efficiency.

A boiler service allows the engineer to determine protection issues such as a carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide is an odorless gas that can cause brain damage and, in some cases, death very fast. If you’re concerned that your boiler may not be working well, you should get in touch with Premium Comfort even if your annual service is not yet due. Get A Free Quote Now!

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Boiler Installation & Replacement Kelowna

Efficient & High-quality Boiler Installation At The Best Prices With Up To 10 Years Warranties. Contact Now For A Free Quote

Boiler installation and replacement come in three main ways: combi boilers, heat-only boilers, and system boilers. A combi boiler system’s simple design requires tiny space in your residence and provides hot water directly to your faucets. A heat-only boiler is a system implicating two tanks, a hot water cylinder, and the boiler itself.

On the other hand, a system boiler is a type of boiler that is generally found in bigger houses with more demands for heating and hot water. By featuring a separate cylinder for storing water, system boilers can deliver a regular supply of hot water throughout the residence.

As mentioned above, a conventional boiler simply stores hot water in the tank but ultimately, the water cools down and this, wastes a lot of additional energy. A combi boiler, on the other hand, operates only when hot water is demanded.

In this regard, here are the best brands for combi boilers and conventional boilers: Rheem, Navien, Stiebel, GSW, Bradford White, Whirlpool, Rinnai, Giant, Takagi, John Wood, Bosch, AO Smith and GE & Eemax. So if you need boiler service for residential or commercial heating and cooling, call Premium Comfort today !

Premium Comfort has a national network of professional, licensed technicians, plus some of the most promising guarantees in the industry. Premium Comfort has quality and reliable gas, electric, oil or steam boiler installation in Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Lake Country, Vernon, and surrounding Okanagan Valley.

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New Boiler Price Kelowna

Compare Boiler Prices & Find Out How Much Your New Gas, Oil, Combi Or System Boiler Will Cost

The cost of a boiler replacement depends on a mixture of factors, these contain:

  • Boiler replacement cost depends on the boiler model you’d like to install.
  • Type of boiler e.g. combi, system, or regular.
  • If you want to move your boiler.
  • If you want smart controls and filters.

Nonetheless, a straightforward combi boiler is the most popular and generally the least expensive. The cost of boiler replacement installation will include the price of the new boiler, a system clean, plus any additional perks you desire. 

Depending on the amount of work the our technicians needs to do to fit the boiler will affect overall costs.

 But before you hurry to buy and install a combi boiler, it’s worth weighing up the benefits such as elevated energy efficiency, lower energy bills, compact size and easy to install.

The cost of a boiler repair can be expensive, particularly during the peak winter period. A new, high efficiency, reliable boiler means you won’t have to worry about it breaking down. To save on central boiler repair costs, get a reliable boiler installed by Premium Comfort.

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Commercial Boiler

Providing Full-service Boiler/Water Heater Repair, Installation And Maintenance For Commercial & Industrial Boilers Services In Kelowna Okanagan

Any business or office benefits from an efficient and long-lasting boiler. If your boiler or water heater isn’t working or you need a new one, it is important to trust the job to a company with extensive experience serving commercial properties. At Premium Comfort, we offer service for commercial boiler repairs and installations in Kelowna. We are a member of the Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors of Kelowna Central Okanagan and have a reputation for honest, reliable, and professional service.

If your boiler or water heater isn’t working or you need a new one installed, Call Us Today. Our Kelowna HVAC & Plumbing experts will give you a fair assessment of your boiler’s health and remaining life, and help you to solve all of your commercial/industrial boiler repair and replacement needs.

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Boiler Types

Hot Water Boiler

A hot water boiler is both an incredibly safe and energy-efficient way to deliver heat to your home through the usage of hot water and pumps. The manner a hot water boiler works are rather simple. Once you accommodate your thermostat to begin heating, the burner in the procedure will be triggered, heating up the water.

Natural Gas Boiler

A natural gas boiler provides hot water to faucets throughout the home and radiators in the central heating system. Gas is an efficient fuel and current condensing boilers have immense heat exchangers that contain almost all the heat produced when the gas burns for heating, making the boilers 90% or more efficient.

Electronic Boiler

An electric boiler works in a similar approach to a traditional gas boiler, except that it heats water by passing an electric wind through a heating element rather than by burning gas.

Oil Boiler

Oil boilers are often found in countrified areas, or places where access to natural gas is more limited. This approach works by having a particular tank housing the oil pump it into the boiler.